Why do I need an aftermarket cage?2019-10-10T16:24:59+00:00

A quick google search will tell you a lot about the safety of the factory roll protection. Most are made from thin wall tubing with bolted connections and minimal triangulation. We attend offroad events and ride with family and friends and never want to see anyone hurt! Even if you don’t buy a kit from us please stay safe and consider an aftermarket cage as one of your first upgrades.

Will my other accessories work with a new cage kit?2019-10-10T16:25:56+00:00
  • Windshields – most all of our kits maintain the same/similar windshield size and shape with intrusion bars always being flush with the main tubes. Depending on how your windshield attaches it should work. Sometimes gussets and intrusion bars are placed where an existing mount was and in that case, it may not. Most Polaris kits tilt the main tubes outboard for more head protection and this makes the top of the windshield area slightly wider. But most importantly a new windshield is easy to fabricate from Lexan and a jigsaw.
  • Roofs – No, all our cage kits will need to have a roof fabricated. We prefer aluminum and even provide a dxf file that can be downloaded and given to a local fabricator with a plasma table to cut. These files are free of charge and you can expect to pay $150-$300 for a cut aluminum roof for a 2 seat UTV. We also buy tabs and clips from aa-mfg.com and speed clips from mcmaster.com and will provide them at our cost if requested.



  • Speakers – There are too many options to consider but our tubes locations are shown in each kit and are 1.75 OD for any tube clamp mounts.
Why a kit and not fully welded?2019-10-10T16:26:33+00:00

This is mainly due to shipping. Shipping a bundle of tube can go via FedEx while an assembled cage would have to go freight at a much higher rate. Secondly is the frames have variations from the factory and then change with use/abuse. Our kits have adjustability to account for slight differences in frames where possible and it is best to assemble each directly on the machine.

Do you have any kits with rolls (large radius)?2019-10-10T16:27:08+00:00

No, we do have the ability to make these style cages but due to manufacturing and shipping constraints, we can’t offer this option in kit form. We would be glad to take on the custom work here at the shop.

What if I don’t see a kit for my machine?2019-10-10T16:27:37+00:00

Contact us! The website isn’t always up to date. Also, we can make anything custom here at the shop if you’re able to make bring it by.
Kits we don’t’ have yet:
– Artic Cat
– Honda
Bring your new machine by for us to create a kit from and receive a great discount! We require a newish/unabused machine from a popular model/brand – not your old clapped out knockoff.

Can I slightly change something in the kit?2019-10-10T16:13:31+00:00

Sure, we can make any changes you want but will require a $100 non-refundable design fee at the start of the project. The final pricing of the kit will be similar to our current kits but the $100 fee does not apply to the final pricing. We do have shipping and manufacturing restrictions that may limit the possibilities.

What is the timeframe on my order?2019-10-10T16:14:07+00:00

Nothing is in stock but tubing, all orders are custom made. Typically orders are received within 2 weeks. You will receive an order confirmation email and tracking information updates. We will personally email you to confirm your order and ensure we are making exactly what you want and give you an update on when it will be made and ready for shipping or pickup.

What is the refund policy?2019-10-10T16:14:44+00:00

Sorry, the items we offer are non-refundable. We will do everything we can to ensure you are sure satisfied and work with you whenever we can, but once tubes are cut and bent they are yours.

Do you offer dealer pricing?2019-10-10T16:15:21+00:00

We are always looking for dealers/installers and partners, please contact us! We can’t offer much of a discount as our prices are lower than all the competition already but will work with you how we can. We would love to design and produce your shop’s own product line.

Do you do custom work?2019-10-10T16:16:11+00:00

Yes! We can build anything you can dream up! We can take your CAD data and turn it into reality as well.
A few things we are looking to do:
– Kid buggy chassis
– Production chassis (in works)
– Bouncer buggy chassis
– RZR buggy chassis
If you have any of these projects get in touch soon for heavily discounted labor rates!
See our custom page for some interesting projects we’ve done.

I have a custom design on my computer and want to send it to you. Do you have software to handle 3D files?2019-10-10T16:17:02+00:00

Yes, we work primarily in SolidWorks which can handle most, if not all, 3D files.


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