RZR XP Cage Kit (2014-2020)


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This is our most popular style kit and has a “Flat Roof” styling that is already lower than factory. This kit gives you that ‘chopped’ cage look without modifying the factory cage and provides increased strength over a bolted together thin-walled factory cage. The base kit comes with replacement bungs and just the basics to keep costs down. The Main tubes are 1.75x.095 wall DOM CNC notched and bent ready for you to assemble on your machine and weld together.


Useful Links

Roof Drawing
XP Flat Base Kit Instructions
.dxf File


Out of stock



*Intrusion Bar Options:
Blue bar=1.5” OD
Green bar=1.75” OD

*Tube Thickness:
The base kit and price includes 0.095” wall DOM tubing. 0.095” wall is the industry standard and will result in a stronger than factory roll cage. 0.120” wall tubing is offered as an upgrade for those hardcore customers. We strongly recommend this option! There is a weight penalty for this option but typically it is only ~10 lbs. for a fully optioned cage kit.

*One Piece Main Tube:
The base kit uses a 2 piece main tube and a slug is provided.  The slug is supported by a brace at the b-pillar. This option allows more adjustability and ease of shipping. When done properly this is not a strength concern at all. However we realize that some people have different opinions, and so we offer the option of a one-piece main tube. The additional cost for shipping a longer piece is included in the option.

We can go up or down however much you need, we just need to know how much different from our kit you want. The standard kit is lower than stock already, please ensure adequate head/helmet clearance before ordering.  From lower bolt hole on the bung behind the seats to the bottom of the tubing is ~17.5”. Also shown is the centerline measurement of the upper tube to the weld line on the b-pillar bung for reference (16 5/8). Typically race sanctioning bodies require 3-4” from the helmet to roll cage clearance. Seat lowering bases are also an option to gain more clearance. Proper harnesses, seating and cage clearance are key to safety.

2019 models are the same as previous models with the exception of the higher dash. To accommodate this the 2019 cage kits have a different windshield bar that will be included with your choice of intrusion bar option.

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