Can-am X3 MAX Cage Kit


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The MAX cage kit has finally arrived! This kit will fit all MAX’s except the latest models that use a bung at the a-pillar. We are pretty sure this will also fit these models with
trimming of the A-pillar tube. We will offer a discount to the first person to confirm this with photographic proof and measurements of what you cut off!

This cage kit has the main tubes made from 1.75” OD 0.120” wall DOM tubing with 0.095 for bracing. Simply pick your options and build your own cage! Removing the factory soda can thick pop riveted death trap from your machine the hardest part!

CNC notched and bent tubes are provided along with the necessary plates and bungs to make this a simple weld together cage that greatly improves the safety of your machine. All you’ll need to provide is quality hardware to bolt the new and improved cage down to your machine.


Please read the instructions below before ordering.

Useful Links
X3 Max Instructions


Out of stock



*Preferred Options:

Intrusions Option 4
Intrusion Style 3 Bends
Roof Bar Option 1
Rear Bar Option 1
Rear Bumper Option

*Custom Height:
The b-pillar is ~12 5/8” tall from mounting plate to the center of tubing vertically in our standard kit. Our kit provides a flat roof but this is dependent on your machine suspension and tire configuration. If you would like a higher or lower cage height please provide a measurement up or down from our standard kit. Please ensure that adequate headroom is available for all occupants.

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