• Windshields – most all of our kits maintain the same/similar windshield size and shape with intrusion bars always being flush with the main tubes. Depending on how your windshield attaches it should work. Sometimes gussets and intrusion bars are placed where an existing mount was and in that case, it may not. Most Polaris kits tilt the main tubes outboard for more head protection and this makes the top of the windshield area slightly wider. But most importantly a new windshield is easy to fabricate from Lexan and a jigsaw.
  • Roofs – No, all our cage kits will need to have a roof fabricated. We prefer aluminum and even provide a dxf file that can be downloaded and given to a local fabricator with a plasma table to cut. These files are free of charge and you can expect to pay $150-$300 for a cut aluminum roof for a 2 seat UTV. We also buy tabs and clips from aa-mfg.com and speed clips from mcmaster.com and will provide them at our cost if requested.



  • Speakers – There are too many options to consider but our tubes locations are shown in each kit and are 1.75 OD for any tube clamp mounts.